Food Storage

1.25L Bento Cube with Yogurt Pot

The Sistema® Lunch™ Bento Cube is perfect for transporting your lunch and snacks to work, school or the park while helping to cut down on using plastic bags, cling film and foil.

  • Featuring an easy locking clip and hinged lid.
  • Multiple compartments to keep your food fresh and separate until ready to eat.
  • Includes 150ml Yogurt pot with seal-tight screw-top lid.
Style 41685
Capacity 1.25L / 42.2 oz / 5.3 cups
Dimensions L 168mm x H 77mm x W 186mm
Microwave Safe (Without Lid)
Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack)
Freezer Safe
BPA Free
Made in New Zealand
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