850ml Breakfast Bowl Colour

The Sistema® Microwave™ breakfast bowl is specifically designed to heat porridge and other breakfasts.

  • Steam release vent in the lid for splatter-free heating.
  • Heat contents in microwave and eat straight from the container.
  • Convenient handle makes it simple to transport from microwave to bench.
Style 21112
Capacity 850ml / 28.7 oz / 3.6 cups
Dimensions L 171mm x H 89mm x W 156mm
Microwave Safe (With Vent Open)
Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack)
Phthalate & BPA Free
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Weight (empty)
Everyday use | Microwave use
L 171mm x H 89mm x W 156mm L 6.7in x H 3.5in x W 6.1in
140 g 4.938 oz
0.850 L 1.796 pt
Pasta | Stir-fries | Leftovers
Everyday use | Microwave use
L 233mm x H 80mm x W 210mm L 9.2in x H 3.1in x W 8.3in
199 g 7.020 oz
1.290 L 2.726 pt
Noodles | Soup | Stir-fries | Leftovers
Everyday use | Microwave use
L 171mm x H 102mm x W 156mm L 6.7in x H 4.0in x W 6.1in
137 g 4.833 oz
0.940 L 1.987 pt
Lasagne | Pasta | Stir-fries | Leftovers
Everyday use | Microwave use
L 232mm x H 78mm x W 149mm L 9.1in x H 3.1in x W 5.9in
186 g 6.561 oz
1.250 L 2.642 pt
Soup | Hot chocolate
Everyday use | Microwave use
L 110mm x H 107mm x W 134mm L 4.3in x H 4.2in x W 5.3in
101 g 3.563 oz
0.565 L 1.194 pt


Our product journey

At Sistema® we pride ourselves in creating high quality reusable products that add style and functionality to your everyday. 

Step 1: It all starts in New Zealand 

Sistema® products are made at our state-of-the-art factory in New Zealand.

Step 2: Considered Product Design

We design high quality reusable food storage, on-the-go and hydration products.

Step 3: Material 

We use the highest quality food grade BPA free materials electronically delivered to each machine. 

Step 4: Factory 

A combination of our state-of-the-art machinery and a skilled workforce bring our products to life.

Step 5: Tooling  

Tooling is designed onsite by our skilled team.

Step 6: Automation 

To streamline the manufacturing process we utilize custom engineered robotics.

Step 7: Ship

We are proud to ship our New Zealand made products to over 110 countries around the world. 



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